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– Work hard, party great and do some gambling at the new Singapore casinos, its good for the economy, so what ?

that’s the new philosophy in Singapore. Three giant towers at Singapore Marina Bay with hotel resort a huge casino and a so called palm park at the lofty top at 200 meters above ground this is the Singapore Sands, its open for business. The other casino on Sentosa Island, there is a cable car, is run by RWS, the Malaysian Genting Group which also run a huge casino in Malaysia’s Genting Highland.

For decades gambling in Singapore was strictly forbidden but times and minds are changing, its good for the economy, so what? The Marina Bay Sands Casino is the second casino in Singapore and has a much more spectacular architecture than the first Singapore Casino which opened at February 14. on Sentosa Island. Both casinos go on a soft opening strategy since the project is simply too big to start from zero to hundred within a short timeframe, by beginning of July 2010 almost everything is up and running at the Marina Bay Sands except when pressing the button at the elevator for the 55 floor nothing happen, means Sands Skypark is still closed.

The Singapore Las Vegas Sands is built on 570,000 square meter with a highly visible central element, the three tower hotel with 55 floors each. At 200 meters it is topped by the 1.20 hectare Sky Park with restaurants, a 150 meter swimming pool, a tropical environ with flowers, palm trees and some more greenery, Singapore has some more men made great tropical environ, that’s the Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Orchid Garden. Over time this casino monument will probably become one of the most pictured building in the world. 

With a Grand Opening Marina Bay Singapore Sands at 23 June the hotel and casino with 2,500 rooms, shopping malls and nightclubs started a soft opening

now everything is up and running only the very top of the building is still closed (November 2010).

The RWS Singapore Casino has a rather idiosyncratic style compared with the modern and expressive architecture of the Singapore Sands. Aside of the casino operation at Sentosa a Universal Studio Theme Park and later in the year the world’s largest marine life park

will be open to public, it is said . All together Genting Singapore’s Integrated Resort (IR) which includes in total six hotels will cost 4.4 billion U.S. dollars.

-Singapore got some new sounds to hear,

its the clicking of the roulette wheel, clattering of dice, spinning of slot machines and shuffling of cards. Now an aura of excitement and maybe luck via Singapore gambling came to town.

Singapore becomes more and more a city of glitz, glamour and high prices. Add the formula one or F1, now some flashy casinos and lots of pretty girls called Singapore girls are around. There are definitely plenty of wealthy people around as indicated by the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, high end Audis and so on. Plenty of people from the neighboring countries all the way up to the Indian

Marina Bay Sands with Singapore casino
Marina Bay Sands
subcontinent coming in and some are definitely high roller or whales; well I guess they are welcome to feed some money into the Singapore budget. If you have some money left go shopping for jewelry and diamonds, some 
in Singapore or walk to the casino entrance at Marina Bay Sands or Singapore Sands.

Singapore is a place where the people make you feel good if you hand over money first. Also the yachts business gains momentum, until now Phuket is still the yachting hub in south east Asia but that could change in the long run. Several real attractions were opened up in Singapore in recent years, among the casinos, it’s the Singapore Flyer, the F1 gigantic shopping malls and already since longer time the Singapore Orchid Garden and Jurong Bird Park. Singapore beaches are mostly at the surrounding islands such as Sentosa and some of the islands in Indonesian waters.

The whole Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino complex is built on reclaimed land and it is amazing what contemporary technology, the determination and will of people can achieve this days. The best view for the silhouettes of the casino, the buildings and the Singapore Flyer is from the Marina Barrage a real great picnic and sightseeing place.

Singapore Casino
Singapore Gambling at RWS-IR Sentosa Casino
Singapore Sands
Singapore Sands
Singapore Casino Resort and Singapore gambling
Singapore Casino Resort Entrance at Marina Bay Sands with plenty of casino slots.

Marina Sands Singapore
Marina Sands Singapore
Marina Sands Singapore Hotel Lobby
Marina Sands Singapore Hotel Lobby
View of Marina Bay Singapore
View of Marina Bay Singapore
– Singapore and Macau are not known for its gambling for no reason.

Its state-of-the-art casinos are constantly filled with people from all over Asia. These classy casinos are located at Marina Bay, Sands Singapore and at Sentosa Island just off the city center of Singapore, easily accessible by underground, road, cable car etc. Each of the two casinos are designed as resorts, means hotels, restaurant, show and entertainment facilities. They make your gambling experience memorable, 

give you fun and take money from you, means expect to go in losing and you will be happy when you score. In general read the gaming guides that are posted next to each game.

The casinos at Macau, where Las Vegas Sands has invested in two casinos wont be a real competition. The idea is Macau serves the North Asia market with China. Singapore casinos are rather targeted at South Asian and South East Asia, marketing efforts are underway to get people from the Indian subcontinent over to Singapore for a quickie game, with today low cost airlines the plan could work.
Singapore Casino Sentosa
Sentosa RWS  Location Map
How to get to Resorts World Sentosa, its only about 20 minutes from Singapore’s Central Business District, there is a bus service,  the MRT Singapore rail system, taxi or by car and cars. It is also possible to do a short walk from VivoCity shopping mall to the

Singapore Sands Casino Marina Bay and gambling history
Singapore Sands Casino
Some gambling history tells a bit more about casinos and gambling. Since this casinos in Singapore and Macau are a rather new breed of entertainment looking into the gambling history of this type makes some sense. There is plenty more gambling going of in particular Chinese gambling is famous. It is possible to find the same Chinese games everywhere in the world where a Chinese community is, from China to Mauritius (Port Luis) and elsewhere, read more.
 RWS. Within Resorts World Sentosa or IR Sentosa shuttle buses are on standby. The Singapore Sands casino, hotel, shopping mall, theater and entertainment complex, remakes Singapore’s skyline, dominating the silhouette towards the sea. The plan is that both casinos ad some spices to Singapore City.

The Singapore Sands and Genting’s Resorts World Sentosa, which opened the first casino on Sentosa Island in February, are creating the gambling capital of Southeast Asia. Projections are that the two casinos combined should make a turnover of about $3.5 billion next year, since Las Vegas’s annual gambling revenue are about $6 billion this assumption has a rather big element of wish and hope.

At Macau, further north close to Hong Kong the average bet in a

Singapore Sands at Marina Bay Singapore
Singapore Sands at Marina Bay Singapore
casinos is $40 while in Las Vegas it’s $5 to $10. VIP clients, which are the majority of Macau’s $20 billion gambling market, average about $10,000 per round.

– Singapore Sands at Marina Bay,

is the world’s second-

Casino in Singapore slot games
Singapore Casino Slot Games
Singapore Casino
Singapore Gambling black jack roulette and slot games
most expensive casino complex, just behind MGM Mirage in Las Vegas, sands expects to have its investment back within five years. But Singapore Sands Casino at Marina Bay is not only a casino cum hotel and resort, after completion it will feature art works worth about $50 million, 300 high end retail stores and a convention center for up to 45,000 people.

The IR Sentosa or integrated resort on Sentosa Island has a different architecture, its more large and less high. Also

the architecture is totally different form modern today designs, it looks rather a little bit like Disneyland with the usual US baroque.
Sentosa Casino
Ir Sentosa casino with gambling black jack roulette and casino slots.
Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of a online casino compared to the land-based casino, such as Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa Casino Resort. There is great excitement in an actual casino, just thinks about Monte Carlo or Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City, that’s a great experience but when it comes down to real gambling the casino atmosphere dissolve and distract you from winning money. In land casino you are not only playing against the dealers and other players but also the casino crowd watching your moves and talking away your concentration. What is a casino about? Money and finally nothing else !! In a real casino you buy chips with real money; in an online casino you will create an account and transfer funds onto it. The difference is in an online casino you know how much money you have at all times. The chips are abstract figures jut like a credit card making you to think differently about your money because with the intermediate as chips money becomes a abstract figure.

One of the most important things is that at an online casino you play free, in a real casino you can’t play practice games before you start with real money. You can also try new games you might not be sure about, you can practice your game strategy and play until you feel comfortable understand all the rules.

Are online games and physical games really different? Not much, in roulette, for instance, you can watch the croupier spin the real roulette ball around a actual roulette wheel, when you play roulette online, the croupier is substituted by a Random Number Generator with a algorithm to hit 1 out of 38 times, just like the real roulette wheel.

With slot machines, the similarities are even more obvious. In real casinos the slots are not some mechanical “one-armed machines” anymore. The computerized slot machines you would play in a real casino are exactly the same as the computerized slot machines in an online casino. One of the differences only is , when you play slots online you are playing at home’�.

When I went to the Marina Bay Sands Casino for some Singapore gambling the other day they refused entrance because I had a � pants on, in an online casino there is no dress code and they also won’t try to film or picture you. In an online casino you can do a undisturbed game wearing boxers and flip-flops, having a beer in your hand, a cigarette or whatever you like. You can play as much as you want and win as much as you want, nobody is going to kick you out when you are winning, you can have full trust in most online casino. These online casinos are technology driven they won’t cheat you and they have the latest state of the art encryption technologies to protect your privacy.

Singapore Sands during construction
Singapore Sands during construction