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Singapore actually is based on shopping, trade, tourism, real estate and hard working Chinese people. A mall in Singapore is virtually every fifty meters at the prime shopping mile Orchard Road, but not only there Singapore is dedicated to shopping most people live directly or indirectly from shopping. Around Orchard Road are most diamond shops Singapore but actually jewelry shops
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are in most other shopping centers too. One of the newest Singapore shopping malls is ION just opposite Tangs on Orchard, a little bit further south is Lucky Plaza and Ngee Ang city with the Singapore Takashimaya store. A dedicated art mall with plenty of antique shops is Tanglin Shopping Mall, a few minute walk from the Singapore Hilton.

What about midnight shopping Singapore?

can be at the Mustafa Singapore a mall which never closes, there is also cheap shopping Singapore. If you ask yourself where to shop in Singapore, the answer is almost everywhere, since the city is rather small and very densely packed with malls and hotels and a Singapore sale is on somewhere throughout the year.

In the Orchard Road area are mostly hotels in the upper price region, it’s Singapore luxury. Actually you get the best hotel deals Singapore at the hotel reservation counter at Changi Airport. If you are on a slim budget and in search for the cheapest hotel in Singapore try the hotel reservation counter as indicated before or try your luck around Aljunied SMRT Station there are probably the cheapest hotels in Singapore, about 2 dozens of them.

Shopping in Singapore is real good, but don’t expect any  bargain hunting, prices for almost everything are on European or US level. Some cameras and other electronic items might be a little bit cheaper but on the other side cheating at the shops is the normality. That works like this, you want to buy a great camera, very cheap price ok here is the money for that particular camera, but DONT hand the money over, because if you do, the sales guy will try to direct you to another camera which is a cheaper model or he told you before wrong parameter and hopes you would not find it out before you leave Singapore.

A very notorious place where this dirty tricks are done is the Lucky Plaza Shopping Mall at Orchard Road but it is absolutely not limited to that place, its rather a common philosophy everywhere. If you catch this guys when they cheat you there is a possibility to apply to a government department for help and they really help, because the Singapore government has no interest that foreigners and tourists get cheated, so be vigilant. If you are after cheap shopping try Phuket nightlife markets, since most people touching down in Singapore also have other Asian countries on the travel list. On the other hand there are great malls such as Tanglin Shopping Centre, this is not only Singapore’s oldest shopping centre, most object and antiques on sale at Tanglinare even much older. Antiques
 and art pieces such as Chinese Buddha statues and decorative items are on display, beautiful carpets form India and Persia are also sold. The antiques and art objects are mainly from China such as Ming vases and rosewood furniture, tableware and other porcelain and earthenware items. Sometimes antique objects from Myanmar and Cambodia find their way to the Tanglin Shopping Centre, Tanglin Mall and Tudor Court.

Looking for some exotic pieces of art?

that’s the right place, a visit to the Singapore art museum is a good starter for more, again ask at the Singapore Visitor Center strategically located at around mid Orchard Road, they have the best overview what’s going on in the city, there is a young crew, good informed and willing to help. There are plenty of galleries, some are in Singapore shopping malls.

ION Orchard Some new ideas are (2010) currently implemented to add more excitement to Singapore Shopping, this ideas are best seen at the ION Orchard mall with a transparent roof over the whole complex and again the place is packed with items for shopping-shopping. If you buy anything valuable get a paper for the VAT return at the airport.

One of the main

interesting point of Singapore is the diversity of its multicultural population. This diversity and vitality is also visible by the diversity of the goods on sale at the Singapore shopping malls.
Antiques shopping Chinese Buddha Statues
Singapore shopping malls
Singapore is renowned worldwide as a shopper�s paradise where everything under the sun is supposed to be available at low prices, which is not true since the Island State became quite pricy in resent years. The city state is ideal for shopaholics who don�t need to look close to prices, if you look close you might get a hearth attack. There are some shopping centers where you might still get a good deal on various items when you are tough negotiator. One of them is Sim Lim Square for gadgets, electronics and digital cameras.

Singapore ION Orchard
Singapore ION Orchard shops and restaurants.
Shopping in Singapore Orchard Road Mall
Singapore sale
ION Orchard  (which means I on Orchard and is majority owned by a mainland China real estate company) is the newest shopping mall along Orchard Road, its one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore, you can find all kinds of stores who have one thing in common up market prices.

Barang Barang is a shopping complex for items locally made. If you are shopping for garments its Mustafa.

Singapore Chinatown is another great shopping experience, be aware that whole Singapore is Chinatown and there are plenty of centers. Lucky  Plaza is the shopping mall

with the highest possibility that you get cheated, don�t shop there. Vivo City is at harbor front and It�s the second biggest shopping mall in Singapore, there are myriads of shops and restaurants. There is also a cable car to Sentosa for some great pleasure time and the first casino in Singapore.

To Marina Bay, just take the SMRT , its another popular shopping destination with plenty of shops and restaurants. Paragon is another of Singapore luxury mall at Orchard Road is for luxury items, if you like such brands as Ralph Lauren, Gucci etc. you might find something.
Bugis Street is a great bazaars scenery for bargaining, means never pay the price asked. This few shopping centers and malls are only a fraction of what it is offered in Singapore.

Orchard Road Shopping

Singapore is a shopaholic paradise, especially around Orchard Road, has great sightseeing attractions, several shopping festivals and moderate prices plus the possibility to reclaim VAT on goods you bought t the airport by a simply procedure made Singapore a top travel destination for leisure, as a hub to explore the countries around such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. There are some so called shopping festival in June and July but actually this is more a marketing gag since prices are similar the all over the

Shop Sinagpore at Tangs Department Store and Hotel Orchard Road
Tangs at Orchard Road, that’s a hotel and mall
Shop Singapore
Shop Singapore
Orchard Road Shopping Temple
Orchard Road Shopping Temple
Orchard Road Singapore

year, what you have to do is hard bargaining otherwise you will be cheated merciless.

There are plenty of luxury and mid range hotels in Singapore’s Orchard Road area, the best is just arrive at Changi Airport, go to the hotel reservation counter and ask, they will find the Singapore hotel you are looking for. A lot of cheap hotels are at the Aljunied area which also has a red light district around, but don’t worry, no problems only hard working girls.

They have dozens of low priced but

Shop Singapore Orchard Road Shopping
Orchard Road Shopping
Orchard Road Shopping
excellent restaurant in that area and this it real Singapore Chinatown, nothing artificial with great low prices means shop n save Singapore at places where the locals go, not the high end Orchard Road shopping and around.

Singapore is a very colorful country, a melting point of Southeast Asia plus India, Pakistan, China, Korea, Japan etc. As long as you go shopping for goods from the neighboring countries, China or Japanese electronics and cameras it wont burn a hole in your pocket, but be vigilant,

Brand Name Shopping at Orchard Road
Brand Name at Orchard Road
Jewelry Shop
you must be a hard negotiator otherwise they “pull you over the table”. Singapore is more or less one shopping district and there are only a few areas such as Singapore Port which is not dedicated to shopping. There is hardly a place in Asia where such an amount of goods from all over the word are on sale.

There is designer clothing from Europe, extravagant items from almost everywhere, luxury goods, cheap China stuff and if you are lucky great buys might be out there for you. Singapore is a great place for all kind of extravagant jewelry, actually around Orchard Road are probably more jewelry shops than anywhere in the world and they are everything else but cheap that includes jade jewelry. There are antique shops, art shops, furniture shops with genuine Chinese lacquer and rosewood furniture and in between taste the great food available everywhere. Singapore probably also has the most restaurants, food courts etc. relative to the size of the city and many are open 24/7. A wide range of

Singapore jade jewelry shopping
Singapore jade jewelry shopping at Marina Bay Sands
items are available at bargain prices including antiques, cameras, seafood, electronics, herbs and Chinese medicine. Singapore probably has the most jewelry shops of any city in the world, many shops are selling mostly diamond jewelry, a hot item are also luxury watches, but also cheap watches from China. Shopping hotspots are everywhere and most of the real expensive items are sold in boutiques of the big luxury hotels. Jewelry shops teeming with gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearl and crystal jewelry of attractive designs. There are several jewelry manufacturing companies in Singapore but most items come from factories Hong Kong plus the usual designer labels. There are also the big shopping centers with restaurants and goods from all over the worlds with fashion wear from the countries around including India and China, plus perfumes, cosmetics, cameras, plus plus. Singapore is a real large Oriental Bazaar, but everything is quite expensive in comparison to the other countries in the region, aside of shopping the real attraction is Singapore are the restaurants and food courts, that�s the real thing for every food lover.
Singapore Art and Antiques Shopping

The premier Singapore malls for art & antiques is Tanglin Shopping Mall. The shopping items are a good blend of real antiques such as Buddha Statures, figurines, exotic sculptures made from marble, wood, brass and bronze.

The somehow contra is modern art paintings, abstract art in

various forms and shapes plus plenty of small beautiful items and handicrafts just for take away since those are rather on a low price level but look good, the ideal exotic souvenirs.


Tanglin Mall Shopping Antiques
Antiques Shop at Singapore Tanglin Mall
Buddha installation at Tanglin Mall
Antiques Shop Singapore
Antiques Shop with oriental items
 Singapore Shop
Antiques Shop at Singapore shopping mall
Singapore Art Gallery Tanglin Shopping Mall
Art Gallery at Tanglin Shopping Mall
Chinese Antique Furniture Sale Singapore
Chinese Antique Furniture Sale Singapore
Singapore Art Gallery Tanglin Shopping Mall

Singapore Luxury Shopping
The shops are full with glittering jewels, ruby jewelry, diamond jewelry, jade jewelry and plenty of other items plus top quality lustrous pearls including gold pearls from Myanmar, black pearls from Tahiti and silver pearls from the Andaman Sea harvested by the pearl diver. When purchasing jewelry and other high price goods never forget to ask for the tax refund paper to claim the tax back at
Changi Airport when you leave.

In general be careful when shopping in Singapore there are too many shops out there where the sales persons try with plenty of tricks to cheat you, if you get cheated ask your hotel where is the government office for help, they have a office to help cheated tourists. With some usual care during your shopping trip at Orchard Road or any shopping district or mall you should be able to avoid a unpleasant surprise.Singapore luxury jewelry shopping
Singapore luxury jewelry shopping at ION Orchard

Singapore Jade Jewellery Shop
Singapore Jade Jewelry Shop at Sands Casino Marina bay
Singapore Antique Shop
Singapore Shopping at Marina Bay Sands
Shop Singapore at Marina Bay Sands
Marina Sands Lavalier Jewelry Tower 3
Marina Sands Lavalier Jewelry Jade shop
Shop Singapore Diamond Pearl Necklace Diamond Jade Necklace and Ring
Singapore Fashion
Singapore Fashion models posing at a shop opening
Singapore Fashion Diamond Necklace and Ring
Singapore Fashion Jewelry Diamond Necklace Artwork Singapore jewelry
Singapore Shopping Centre
Singapore Shopping Centre